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Applying for study permit can be tricky, Let an expert guide you through the procedure so that you get the visa in a timely manner.


Canada is one of the top nations in education sector that has embarked their presence in past few years, numerous students had made their way to Canada from around the globe in recent years and have got themselves admitted to reputed universities or college’s, Canada has been ranked among the top two of the G8 countries in education sector Canada’s top-notch educational institutions and a lively culture, we can look forward to witness a continued interest in the Canadian education system.

In order to study in Canada, one must apply for a Student Permit before entering the country.

Pre Requisites for a Student Permit

Show that the only aim of the student is to get the right education and return home after studies end.
Important Documents
Obtain a valid Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI).
The student is required to show sufficient funds to cover the tuition costs as well as living expenses.
Legal History
Should be a law abiding citizen of the country of residence, with no criminal record and should be able to produce a police clearance certificate (If required).
Medical History
5. Must be in good health and willing to undergo a medical examination.


Some exemptions to requirement of a Study Permit are as follow.

  • Students exempted from Study permit are those who enrolled in short-term courses (less than 6 months’ in duration)
  • Family members of the armed forces of a country designated for the purposes of the Visiting Forces Act does not require a study permit.
  • Family members and members of the private staff of diplomats/foreign accredited representatives, and minor children in Canada have an exception from student permit.
  • Foreign national who are registered Indian in Canada are free from obligation to attain a study permit before entering Canada.

Permit requirements are specific and will vary from time to time. Once a candidate obtains a Study Permit, if there are changes to the study program or institution, Immigration Canada (IRCC) should be notified and there maybe a requirement to apply for a change to the Study Permit.

Study Permit Extensions

It is usual for students to extend their studies and to apply for Study Permit Extensions. Commonly, it is advised to apply for an extension at least 30 days earlier to the expiration of the existing permit.

There are numerous factors to be considered while applying for a Student Visa or study permit program extension to eliminate the risk of committing errors hire experts for the job, Kindly Contact our office for all your immigration requirements either be a Student Visa, Study permit or Study permit extension.