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There are numerous factors to be considered while Sponsoring a family member to eliminate the risk of committing errors hire experts for the job.

Family Sponsorship

Canadian government and immigration laws has always respected the loving bond that families share and has always tried to prioritize the process of unification of families of Canadian citizens and residents. Sponsorship programs are currently falling behind due to large accumulation of foregoing applications. The Canadian government has introduced Super-visa in order to supplement the sponsorship program so that family members of Canadian residents could come and visit them.

The process for sponsoring a family member is a two-step process. One is the Sponsorship Application, the Second being the Permanent Residency Application. The Sponsorship is initiated by the sponsor and at the same time, the Permanent Residency application is initiated by the family member being sponsored.

Relations to sponsor

Person being sponsored can be a spouse if they are legally married to sponsor and the marriage is legitimate.
Common-law partner
Common-law partner can either be the person of opposite sex or the same sex, if sponsor and individual being sponsored have been living together in a conjugal relationship for at least one year period that has not been interrupted they are called common law partners. They still might need to prove will need prove that they have a combined household responsibility.
Conjugal partner
This category is for partners, either of the opposite sex or same sex, in exceptional circumstances beyond their control that prevent them from living together and therefore cannot qualifying as common-law partners or spouses
Dependent children
A son or daughter is dependent when the child is 21 and younger and does not have a spouse or common-law partner is older than 21 and depended substantially on the financial support of a parent since before the age of 22 because of a physical or mental condition.
Parents and Grandparents
father, mother, grandfather or grandmother
Orphaned Relatives
brother, sister, nephew, niece, grandson or granddaughter, who are orphaned, under the age of 18, and not married or in a common-law relationship
Other relative
only Lonely Canadians are eligible to sponsor have no other family living in Canada)

Pre requisites to be a sponsor

  • Sponsor must be 18 years of age or older
  • Sponsor must be Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Sponsor needs to apply to sponsor family member
  • Sponsor must be residing in Canada with an exception to some cases sponsor can be abroad as long as they demonstrate their intension to reside in Canada when the sponsored family member becomes a Permanent Resident.
  • Sponsor and the sponsored relative must sign a sponsorship agreement that obligates the sponsor to provide financial support to sponsored relative, if necessary. This agreement should also state that the person becoming a permanent resident will make every effort to support her or himself.
  • Sponsor is financially responsible for the family member being sponsored for a duration that ranges according to relation they share. This commitment is referred to as the ‘Undertaking’ and sponsor is obligated to take care of following
    1. They must provide financial support to their spouse, common-law or conjugal partner for three years from the date they become a permanent resident
    2. You must provide financial support for a dependent child for 10 years, or until the child turns 25, whichever comes first